This Page is Focussed on IT and Risk Management in Japan

I have worked 25+ years in IT in Japan in a variety of roles, specialities and different businesses. Over the years I have seen a fair bit of stuff and this page is where I share my  observations and general opinions about working in IT in Japan.
I  hope this page will be helpful to you  and if you get something useful from it that is even better!

Comments, Videos and Presentations on things IT in Japan

I am working on a series of  English and Japanese Language Animated Videos about Risk Management. Check out the Links below to see the Videos released to date on BitChute. I plan to release to Rumble too soon in the near future.
I also plan to release some short Videos about working in IT in Japan based on my personal experiences and 25+ years in the IT business

An Introduction to IT Risk Management

These are my first attempts at making instructional videos so i hope you enjoy and find them educational. I have noticed that the more I do the better the quality appears to become. Or that could just be me 

Risk Management Lesson 1 

Risk Management Lesson 2 

Risk Management Lesson 3 

Risk_Management_Addendum to Lessons 1,2 and 3

Risk Management Lesson 5

The First  Lesson Specific to IT Risk Management

Risk Mitigation and Risk Avoidance/ Outsourcing

Risk Management Lesson 6

Risk Avoidance