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Thoughts On The History And Impact Of COVID 19

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The Impact of COVID on the West

This Video has my take on the sequence of events that took place during the COVID Pandemic and what impact it has and will have on the societies and political formulas of the West especially the Anglosphere

The Lab Leak and What Happens Next

A rough personal, prediction of what happens next, now that the that the COVID 19 Virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology is finally getting out into the wider world and public domain Created May 30 -31, 2021: When I play this video again in May 2022 or May 2023 I am curious to see how accurate my predictions will have been

The Prince Updated for the 21st Century

Click the Button below if you would like to know more about what an updated version of the The Prince By Niccolo Machiavelli might look like if revised and updated for the Modern Work

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The Machiavellians - James Burnham

Have you ever wondered why the World, Society and Politics behaves the way it does? Dissatisfied with looking at things through the prism of Left and Right. Take the Ultimate Red Pill and let me introduce you to James Burnham and "The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom 

Video One Introduction.

Introduction to the Book and the 13 points that Burnham uses to summarize the essence of Machiavellianism

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Video Two. 

A review of the First 5 of the 13 main core principles of Machiavellianism 

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Video Three. 

Points 6 through 9 of the core principles including this red pill observation        " The rule of the élite is based upon force and fraud. The force may, to be sure, be much of the time hidden or only threatened; and the fraud may not entail any conscious deception."

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Video Four Conclusion.

Points 10 through 13 including a final round up and summary of how  Machiavellianism can help you understand the true nature of Politics, Power and Society in the 2020s. This red pill being a sample
"The social structure as a whole, is integrated and sustained by a political formula, which is usually correlated with a generally accepted religion, ideology, or myth."

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Written April 1 2021

How Stoicism Discovered Me

I found Stoicism around about 2017 and was kind of surprised to discover that Stoicism had found me already but that’s for later in this piece. OK so around about 2013 and 2014. I was not having a good time. Work was becoming increasingly unpleasant and my personal life was not all that great either, so I started spending more time doing meditation basically mindfulness training. That went on for a year or so but as the work situation grew worse, I found myself thinking is there more I can do to manage the stress caused by this situation I was caught up in?
Being me, I started researching stress management and mental resiliency and came across a reference to CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. So, I went out and bought the book “How to Stubbornly refuse to make yourself miserable about anything”, by Albert Ellis which my research told me was like the tome for people interested in CBT at a personal level. Ok I read the book and it kind of resonated with me, but it didn’t give me anything that really I felt could help me deal with my issues. I am not sure how, but I think while I was doing more checking on CBT I came across a reference to the fact that the core concepts of CBT were based on Stoicism.
Now I had heard of Stoicism from by Political Philosophy studies just like I knew about other Hellenic schools of philosophy like Pythagoreans and Epicureans, but it was not really something that drew my attention. Anyway, in Autumn 2017 I ordered a book called “How to be a Stoic. Using Ancient Philosophy to Live a Modern life” by Author Massimo Pigliucci. And it was literally a turning point in my life. I read about the 4 different Stoic Virtues (Wisdom, Courage, Temperance, Justice) and the 3 Stoic Disciplines (Action, Desire, Judgement) and it was like someone explaining clearly to me for the first time what I had only vaguely grasped instinctively. All my life I had always the attitude about keeping a clear head and not jumping to conclusions, or about being wary of depending on things out of my control and in this book I saw all that clarified explained and put into a coherent whole. It was really a revelation and like I said at the beginning of this article it was like Stoicism found me as much as I found it.
Since , 2017 I have studied and tried to live as much as I can by the precepts of Stoicism. I bought more and read more books, for example my second Stoic book was by Donald Robertson “ Stoicism and the Art of Happiness” and I’ve moved onto the Classics like “Mediations” by Marcus Aurelius and Seneca’s “Letters to Luculias”. I’ve gotten a lot out of each of these books but have now mostly settled down to reading and re-reading books by Donald Robertson and Massimo Pigliucci and one other called the Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.My reading of the classics has settled on Seneca who I feel a bit of an affinity and similarity with.
I of course struggle with implementing , absorbing, or living up to the standards and lessons of Stoicism. It is a journey not a destination in my opinion. And some parts of Stoicism that don’t align with my own reasoned opinion for example the lessons on Justice, I have interpreted differently than most of the authors I have read would. But Stoicism is a flexible philosophy, and I don’t think I am breaking any rules by having my own interpretations (hey it is Virtue Ethics after all ) but more on that later.